It’ time to ditch failing strategies and embracing an inclusive future of work

Pidgeon sitting in foreground looking sideways with office buildings in background- Dublin
A view of Dublin by author

Covid-19 has compounded the difficulties disabled people face with regard to work, but it did not cause the fault-line in Irish social policy that resulted in Ireland having the poorest EU participation rates of disabled people in the workforce…even before the pandemic.

Despite the shift in emphasis to remote working…

Unpsychology Magazine #7 Climate Complexity Change

I wrote this piece for Unpsychology, as a response to meeting the earth rising in the shape of a Buddhist nun, whose fearsomeness pivoted me into an uneasy and more honest relationship with myself.

The sky outside is darkening, turning the feeling of the room to mahogany, I taste the…

As an embodied being, you have a beginning, a middle, and an end. Getting to grips with this fact of life leads to endless possibilities — and a new story

Wall mural of a womans face and a bike leaning agianst the wall
Photo by Timon Klauser on Unsplash

The narrative you weave for your life cannot be outsourced. You cannot rely on promises of salvation via vaccines, politics…

Two things I have learned in 2020, including a paradox of chili proportions

Wooden chicken sitting on desk
Photo by author

Lockdown curry

“The lockdown curry” became infamous, when, after months of home cooking I announced we were splashing out on a takeaway. Our mouths watered as we studied the online menu and grappled with our desire for chicken, avoiding…

jellyfish swimming in blue globe
Photo: Author

If you are reading this — Thank you! Please feel free to look around our publication and let us know if you have an article you would like to share.

This is a platform for sharing ideas about our deep systemic interconnectedness and how systems thinking, being and doing can help us all expand our thinking and develop competencies we can take back out into our emerging worlds.

Living in Systems is about learning to use Systems Thinking to inform…

The key to understanding our nature as Systems Beings

Elaborately decorated painting of. hand on a wall, with a moon to the right

The human brain has a network of nearly 70 billion neurons and the cosmic network of galaxies is thought to have at least 100 billion galaxies. Given the vast difference in scale, what could these two most challenging and complex systems in nature have in common? New research suggests that…

Getting to grips with “The Facts of Life”

Photo by Christopher Campbell on Unsplash

There is no cure for the facts of life just as there is no cure for hot and cold.

If you have been waiting to go somewhere, it is time to let it go. If you have been waiting to arrive somewhere, it is time to think again. Yes, you are always in flux, yes, you are always in the process…

Rooting ourselves in our bodies to seed new possibilities

Today I am a human catalogue of seeds. Who knows which might take root and grow, or be blown in the wind to some lifeless spot. In either case, I will sow, as we humans do — cycling between downward and virtuous cycles.

berries on a twig
Photo by Gerson Cifuentes on Unsplash

At 1 pm, I am having a Zoom lunch with a friend: we are both feeling up-ended: it’s an edgy discomfort. There seems to be no ground that we can safely land and rest in our hearts or our minds. It…

Living and learning through a systemic lens

jellyfish swimming in blue globe

Living in Systems is a platform to develop our systemic sensibility, sharing skills and developing competencies we can take back out into our emerging worlds.

Living in Systems is about learning to use Systems Thinking to inform how we take action in our…


me smiling in a pub with a pint
The pint of 2020

I find myself living in liminal spaces, always in gaps, where the nebulous gold of our lives reside. I can fee it and touch it and it illudes description, but ripples through all our being. And it is a source of eternal inquiry for me.

The most momentous moments…

Joan O'Donnell

Doctoral researcher, lecturer, living and learning in systems. Advanced Social Presencing Practitioner, Editor:

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